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2/3 done with painting

Just have to add some more depth with the rye, make the sky a bit darker and more dangerous-looking, and add in the main character (possibly my client’s father, in this case), on the cliff.  Until then, here’s what it looks like right now!

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about 2/3 done!

8 thoughts on “2/3 done with painting

  1. I haven’t read the book, but I really like the way your painting captures a changing Earth and the panic that may evoke. In an age of climate change awareness, your painting has an ominous feel… Great.

    1. Wow, I hadn’t thought of it in terms of it’s relation to climate change, but I like your analogy. I actually made the sky darker and have been delayed in posting the final photos of the painting, but I should have them up within a few days. Thanks for offering your interpretation!!

  2. I love that book and I love your painting too!

    1. Thank you! If you check back in 5 or 6 days I’ll probably have the completed picture of the painting posted.

  3. You’ve done it! I know exactly what it refers to when I see it.

    1. That’s great! Thanks

  4. That is looking really good. I had an image of green grass which very close to my vantage point when I read that book in high school. Maybe I’ll try to put my version on the canvass too.

    1. Interesting. If you make a version of yours, I’d love to see it!

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