Dolphins, blue skies and a gentle breeze

The other day it just came to me that I wanted to make a painting of dolphins. I already have other paintings I want to do – the Colombian vallenato, a larger oil painting version of the kid carrying a fish along the beach, among a few others. But for some reason or another, I got an inkling to paint dolphins jumping out of the water.

Dolphins in Tampa Bay

I remember when we’d go visit my Grandma in Palm Harbor, FL (near Tampa) and I was always looking out for dolphins while we were either crossing the bay into Pinellas County, or around any of the Gulf of Mexico beaches in the Clearwater area. Sometimes you’d catch glimpses of them jumping right out of the water.

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Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of this. However, I am coming up with an oil painting of it! It’s halfway done. Will post on here when completed!


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