Weddings – what was yours like?

This weekend we celebrated my brother-in-law’s wedding here in Northern Virginia. It was a fun weekend and it got me thinking about how everybody’s wedding is different and unique. To give a quick rundown, here is how this particular wedding weekend unfolded:


  • Wedding rehearsal at the church
  • Rehearsal dinner (5 course meal with lots of wine and subsequent headache the next morning)
  • Photo session at bride and groom’s place
  • Limo ride with the boys (I was a groomsman) to the church (with shots of vodka for good measure)
  • Hiding out with groom, best man and groomsmen in a side room before ceremony starts (with more shots of whiskey from a flask – surprisingly, we were barely even tipsy after all of that. I’m not a big drinker, but the nerves and excitement must have had something to do with the non-reaction)
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Limo ride to Lightfoot restaurant in Leesburg for dinner
  • Open bar, then dinner, with around 100 guests
  • Best man speech, maid of honor speech, bride-groom dance, mother-groom dance, father-bride dance
  • Dance party with DJ until end of night (and they didn’t play all the corny wedding songs…except for 1 or 2, which is pretty good!)

This wedding took lots of planning, and money I’m sure, but it was fun, strangers became friends, and it will be a memorable weekend for lots of people.

So back to my point – everybody’s wedding is different and unique to them, wouldn’t you agree? My own wedding was almost the complete opposite of the one this weekend. It was outside in Old Town Alexandria, on the banks of the Potomac river. We had 8 total people there –  my wife and I, the pastor, my parents, my wife’s parents, and her brother. My 2 siblings couldn’t make it – my brother was studying in Peru and I can’t really remember why my sister couldn’t make it (they live in Indiana). I know there was a good reason, so no hard feelings!

Here is a quick rundown of our wedding:


  • Wedding ceremony at Founders Park on the Potomac river in Old Town Alexandria
  • Lunch at Rosa Mexicano restaurant at the National Harbor
  • Flight that evening to Ibiza, Spain for honeymoon
Week and a half later
  • Wedding celebration brunch with family and friends at Overwood restaurant in Old Town

Sure, some people were a little upset they weren’t invited to the wedding, but hey, I think that happens whether it’s a big or small wedding. What’s important is that those who are getting married, are getting married the way they want to! It can be conventional or unconventional – whatever works for you! We didn’t even get engaged…we’d been together for a long time and knew we wanted to get married, so we did!

What was your wedding like?

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