How it looks when starting a painting

The Process

I thought it’d be interesting to show people what my (and I imagine other artists) paintings look like before I start adding all of the detail. So I snapped these two photos of a couple more dog portraits that I’ve been commissioned for.


Doesn’t it look so basic? This looks like the art I did in first grade! Yet it’s the result of lots of measuring, sketching, and color mixing. The black that you see in the second photo? It’s Phtalo Blue paint mixed with Alizarin Crimson paint. This makes it more vibrant than your standard black paint, yet the eye can hardly tell the difference!

These are the base layers that give the foundation for how cool and detailed they’ll look later.

Like any work project, there are lots of small parts involved that make up the whole!

On another note, I’m working on several “cultural” paintings that will be placed in the office of an international education study-abroad non-profit located in Arlington, Virginia. This project is a work-in-progress that will probably be finished around early February, and I’ll be writing a bit about it in my upcoming e-newsletter.

To see a few of these paintings, as well as the finished dog portraits with all of their detail, sign up for my free monthly e-newsletter here! 


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