Dog Portrait Art – Paintings and Drawings

Dog portraits are a popular commission for many artists, as dogs really are a part of our families. My own family owned our Bichon Frise dog Desire for many years, and she was a great friend!

In the commissions I’ve done, I’ve found that receiving a portrait painting of a beloved pet is just as meaningful as a portrait painting of a family member. One of my clients even fought off tears as she received her dog portrait:

“Dave, thank you for the beautiful painting of Otis, my sister’s black lab. It brought tears to my eyes when you showed it to me. The likeness is incredible. My sister had the same reaction when I gave it to her. She can’t get over how well you captured his soulful expression. You are truly a gifted artist. Thanks, Dave.”

To commission your own special dog portrait art, please see the Commission Custom Art page.

Here are some of the commissioned dog portraits I’ve done:

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