“Self and Other” Oil Painting – Nonverbal Communication

“Self and Other”

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24″ x 36″ Oil Painting on Gessoboard

When we’re first born, communication is largely non-verbal. Non-verbal communication continues through our entire lives, but is especially prevalent in our first year of life.

This oil painting captures the experience of learning about one’s self through the touch of another.

Who’s hand is touching the baby’s? My wife Brigitta’s! Brigitta is a Dance Movement Therapist specialized in prenatal life through early childhood, certified in Children’s Yoga and Prenatal Yoga, and the founder of WholeMe! Programs, LLC.

"whole me programs"

Brigitta and I are now offering a luxury package that includes:

  • Family Bonding through Movement sessions. These sessions enhance family bonding while supporting healthy development. You’ll learn the art of being present with your child and why it’s important for their social-emotional intelligence and emotional balance.
  • Photography of the bonding moments by me. The family chooses a favorite of the photos, which I use to create an oil painting for a timeless fine art piece that is personal and meaningful.

For more information, feel free to contact either myself or Brigitta! I can be reached at info@davewhitepaintings.com, or you can apply for a session on the “Work with Me” page on the WholeMe! Programs website.

What words come to mind when you see this painting?


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