New Paintings for Sale – Beaches and Sunsets

Sunset over Gulf of Nicoya – Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Warm evening sun, swaying coconut trees and a distant landscape. What a life! Though 95% of my time as a Peace Corps Volunteer was not spent like this, since I lived up in the mountains in a tin roof cinder block house, I definitely enjoyed the 5% of times I got to spend at the beach!

The Gulf of Nicoya stands between mainland Costa Rica and the Nicoya peninsula, on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. This particular evening, which was actually Thanksgiving, was in the small city of Puntarenas with a group of Peace Corps friends.

Somehow we found a turkey to roast, and all the right ingredients for a traditional Thanksgiving. Even got to play both kinds of football on the beach.

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Sunset in Puntarenas, Costa Rica – SOLD

Have you ever spent Thanksgiving abroad? What was your experience like?

Beach Adventure – Playa Panama, Costa Rica

If you’re like me, you like to go exploring. Some people like to lay out on a beach all day (my wife), others (me) like to walk around like they’re Robinson Crusoe and explore everything. This painting is of a view of Playa Panama in the background, with the rocky coastline I was exploring in the foreground.

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Panama Beach, Costa Rica – SOLD

Picture yourself exploring this tropical coast when looking at this painting on your home or office wall.

Sunset – San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Here is the finished painting of a sunset I experienced in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, on my visit described in this post.

san juan del sur, sunset painting, nicaragua, artist dave white, art, painting for sale
Nicaraguan Sunset – SOLD

Imagine strolling along the sand here with the warm evening sun setting over the horizon!


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