Paintings in Progress

Here are a few paintings I’m working on this week:

Old Town Ibiza Architecture and Flowers

Strolling through old Mediterranean streets will never get old for me…

Old Town Ibiza Architecture in Progress

Sunrise in Corcovado

On the other hand, trotting through a few miles of sand that is miles away from civilization, on a hot day by the jungle, may get old for me, but it will always offer beautiful scenes.

Corcovado Sunrise in Progress

Chefchaouen Street, Morocco

The other day, after watching Anthony Bourdain in “Parts Unknown”, I wrote about my travels in Tangier, Morocco back in 2004 and said that I would find a photo from Tangier to paint. Well, I went back through my photo album and I must have not felt safe enough to pull out my camera in Tangier. On the other hand, I took several photos in Chefchaouen, so I’ve decided to paint another!

Chefchaouen Street in Progress


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