Who was Dondi? A Brief, Unconventional Lesson in Art History

Yesterday on my Facebook fan page I asked:

“If you were to think of a famous artist, who do you think of first?”

The first answer I got was – “DONDI.”

First I thought, who is Dondi?

To defend myself, I studied Accounting and Spanish in college and felt like sleeping through art history class in high school.

Right after that, I thought “I’m glad no one said Picasso, Michaelangelo, Raphael, Monet, etc.” Not that they weren’t some of the most famous artists ever or anything, but c’mon, everybody knows them!

So I looked up Dondi. Here, my friends, is who Dondi White was:

  • New York City graffiti legend
  • Made ‘real art’ out of graffiti (no gang affiliations)
  • The first graffiti artist to have a one man show in the Netherlands and Germany
  • Born 1961, died in 1998 from AIDS


Now you know another famous artist!

Here is a website that has a fuller biography – http://www.dondiwhitefoundation.org/bio.htm

If art history classes included artists other than world-renowned European artists, maybe I would have been interested?


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