How Does a Painter Decide What to Paint?

Or in broader terms, how do artists decide what to create?

Probably the most common answer to this question is ‘inspiration’. Artists create what they’re inspired to create, right?

Case in point – a couple weeks ago I was inspired to create a painting of a Mediterranean-style window, with pops of red color. Luckily, I had my own personal photos I could draw from. I liked this one so much that I even took it off of eBay (after having it listed for a couple days) to keep for ourselves and hang in our home!

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Another consideration is – what sells? This is where an art snob might turn up their nose, but if you want to earn money from your art, there’s no use in accumulating a bunch of paintings that nobody else wants!

The sweet spot for an artist is creating paintings that they are inspired to create, and that others want.

Artists, what inspires you to create your art?

Art Lovers – what kind of art inspires you?

Please share!


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