Travel to Argentina and Uruguay

Last week I traveled with my wife and mother-in-law to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Buenos Aires City View

My wife’s grandfather, Marcos, emigrated from Buenos Aires to the U.S. in 1960. He sadly passed away many years ago, but much extended family remains in Buenos Aires, most of whom I got to meet for the first time!

We laughed:

Argentina Szeinfeld Family

Argentina Tia Dela's House


Buenos Aires Argentina Family

We ate (oh boy, did we eat!):


Buenos Aires Argentina Coffee

We took a day trip to Montevideo, Uruguay:

Montevideo, Uruguay
Montevideo, Uruguay
Montevideo, Uruguay
Montevideo, Uruguay

And with the warmth of my new family in Argentina, we experienced the city of Buenos Aires from a local and authentic perspective:

Argentina Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Argentina Tango

Argentina Evita Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Argentina

Buenos Aires Argentina Blue Car

It was a trip I’ll always remember. We plan on visiting again!

Soon I’ll be posting more photography.

– Dave

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