Coffee Love Photography

I love the smell of coffee…who doesn’t? Some even like the smell of coffee but don’t like to drink it. This used to be how I was, and still sometimes am. My wife says I’m a coffee snob. Not because I know everything there is to know about coffee, but because I’ll only drink coffee if it is really, really good, and I only drink it black – no milk, no sugar. If it’s just average coffee – like Starbucks (sorry people), my stomach sometimes will not like it.

For example, yesterday we were at Grape & Bean in Alexandria, Virginia, and I had this amazingly delicious organic coffee from Ethiopia (the one on the right):

coffee photography, coffee, photography
Café Aroma

I have fond memories also of being in Costa Rica, as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and taking in the sweet smell of coffee beans growing on the mountainside.

My wife likes when they put a little heart in the cappuccino:

"coffee photography"



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