Children Naturally Love Life

From The Parents Tao Te Ching – Ancient Advice for Modern Parents, interpreted by William Martin.

“Your children naturally love life.
Their love of life is spontaneous
and unconscious.
It delights in every nuance of light and color.
It wonders at every shape
and form.
It dances in their bodies
without self-consciousness.
They are not taught this love.
It cannot be taught,
only lived.

If you live this love for your children
you will guide them,
but never demand a certain response.
You will welcome them,
but never smother them.
You will give birth to them
but never possess them.
You will nurture their dreams
and guard their self-respect.
They will honor you naturally,
not because of who you are,
but because of who they are.

Don’t worry about how your children treat you
Concentrate on how you treat yourself.
If your children see in you
a sincere celebration of who you are,
they will return eventually
to their natural joy,
in themselves and in you.

Florida Siesta Key


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