Recap of the Past Month

It feels like it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. Over the course of this ‘long time’ (I’ve actually written 3 blog posts in the past couple of months, now that I checked…not bad!), I’ve become a Dad, and boy, is that time-consuming. Our son is the cutest though. I’m sure a lot of parents say that, but I really love our son. I’ve also taken on another part-time job in addition to my full-time non-profit finance job, and I’m studying for the CMA (Certified Management Accountant) exam, which is a large, two-part exam. While I’m doing these things, I’m also working on a commissioned portrait drawing of a client’s friend’s dog.

I…don’t…know…how…I…am…doing…all…of…this.  Must be called ‘being a parent.’ And taking responsibility for your family!

In any case, I’ve been dreaming of a variety of different paintings I’d like to do, including portraits of my son and wife, as well as some more abstract, metaphorical pieces with a poignant message. For example, I’ve started an oil painting that shows a small boat in the water that is tethered to a dock in a quaint Greek village. While the weather and scenery is very pleasant in the painting (which I like), if the weather were to change into a storm, the boat would still be securely tethered to the dock, and be able to withstand the storm. When the storm passes, the quaint Greek village is still there, and the sun comes back out. This imagery is a simple metaphor both my wife and I can connect to regarding our own life stories, as I’m sure many others can too.

In addition to these personal paintings, I’m daydreaming (I say daydreaming, because I don’t know yet when I’ll have the time) of regularly painting pieces on small canvases, and selling them through an online store (perhaps a store hosted through Shopify?). Stay tuned, as this may or may not happen…we’ll see!


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