Painting and Enjoying Coffee, and then…oops

Coffee on Palate

This photo is from the other day when I was painting the Atocha Train Station of Madrid, Spain.

At first glance, it looks like a nice time painting while enjoying a cup of coffee. Indeed, that’s exactly what it was! For a few moments, at least. A delicious morning cup of Christmas blend pour-over coffee. Mmmmmm.

Then………I dipped my paint brush in the coffee. The paintbrush cleaning can, full of water, was right there too, but I still dipped it in the coffee. Oops. As my wife says, sometimes I could stand to improve my spatial awareness. This, unfortunately, is true!

I only dipped it in the top part of the coffee, though, and there wasn’t THAT much paint on it. Knowing that the paint is non-toxic, I poured out half the cup of coffee and still drank the rest. It still tasted good!


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