Thank You 2014 – Hello 2015!

2014 has been a transformative year for me personally, and I feel especially content on this last day of the year. Earlier in the year, I began a journey of self-reflection to examine old, deep-rooted and entrenched wounds, both caused to me and caused by me, which has led to many positive changes in my life. It’s true that when you change your self, everything around you changes too. It’s also true that a life spent not knowing your self is a life wasted, whereas knowing and understanding your self is a big step towards a fulfilling life.

Self-discovery is challenging and difficult, but well worth the work. I’m thankful for all the positive change this year, and looking forward to a prosperous 2015, full of life!

My first child was born in August, and I now have two loves – my wife and my son!

Brigitta Dave Rafael

Thank you to all of my blog readers and followers, and thank you for your sharing in my artwork. I wish all of you a very successful 2015.


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