Working with Oils Again

It’s been many months since I last did an oil painting, but since I finished sketching out my son’s portrait a couple days ago, the canvas was ready for the first layer of oil paints! I only do portraits in oils, unless it’s a pencil drawing. They just look better, and it’s actually easier to get the color right than with acrylics (for me, anyways).

To get started, a clean-up was in order with my oil painting supplies. I use three glass containers for the paint thinner. Two are for storing it (one is for clean thinner, the other is for dirty thinner), and one is the container I actually use to wipe the brush in when painting. It looks like some sort of science lab when I clean them out:

paint thinner glass jars


Once the one with the coils was cleaned out and ready for painting, I applied the first layers of paint to about half of the canvas:

Rafael Portrait in Progress


A lot of the paint is white, so you can’t really see it right now, until I add in the blues for the water. His leg looks all purple, but that’s just because there’s a shadow there and it’s the first base layer of paint. Can’t wait to get this one done and hang it up!


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