Barn Illustration, Million Dollar Arts News

The Barn Illustration

I’ve been doodling around with a few ideas for either a painting or illustration of The Barn at One Loudoun the past few days, but have yet to complete something that makes me go “that’s it!”. Perhaps a stroke of inspiration will strike me soon!

Rembrandt Paintings will be leaving the Louvre

In international, million-dollar art news, two rare full-length portrait paintings by Rembrandt will be exported from the Louvre in Paris for a sale that will fetch around $163 million. France has a law that affords them the option to retain major artworks, which they then have to buy within 30 days if they exercise that option. France, citing a lack of funds, is not going to retain the works and instead sell them to banking tycoon Eric de Rothschild.

So if you’re going to Paris anytime soon, here’s your chance to see the paintings before they’re in private hands!

If it were me, I’d buy myself an espresso, enjoy a pastry, do some people watching at a plaza, and then make my way down to the beautiful Louvre to take in the Rembrandt paintings.

the louvre
The Louvre in Paris

(Photo by Kosala Bandara via Flickr )


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