Baby Food!

As a Dad, one of my favorite ways to contribute in the months before and after my son was born was to make nutritious meals for my wife, which I knew would pass on to my son. Then when my son was born, I really enjoyed continuing that, as well as making his homemade formula that we used to supplement the breast milk, and which he still enjoys today. He has quite an appetite!

We’ve found that our son (11 months now) really loves eating what we eat at the table. Most of what we feed him comes from our CSA farm.

Some recent photos:

What he ate – Feta cheese with roasted fennel and olive oil

Rafael Roasted Fennel, Feta Cheese, Olive Oil

What we ate – ravioli, roasted fennel, feta cheese, olive oil

Ravioli Roasted Fennel


What he ate – steamed peaches, bacon

Peach Bacon


What we ate – peaches, bacon (no photo)

In addition to safety, respect, kindness, love, etc., nutritious food is definitely an important aspect of infant development!

One of these days I’ll probably paint or draw a photo of him enjoying his food!

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