Mindfulness, Art Series

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is personal awareness and attunement to one’s thoughts and feelings, which can lead to a host of physiological benefits, including resilience, emotional balance, and improved cardiac and immune function.

The Large Expanse
The Large Expanse

Oftentimes in today’s world, we face pressure from many sides – work, family, money, etc., that it can be difficult to remember to ‘step back’ from it all, relax, and just breathe. At least, I know I often feel that way. Which is why I’ve been trying to practice mindfulness and intentional awareness of my breathing, with the intention of deep and slow ‘belly’ breathing, rather than short and quick ‘chest’ breathing.

And so far, I’ve found that it really helps to regulate myself when feeling under stress! I’ve also been seeing a cranio-sacral therapist, which helps to release the holding of deep, ingrained, negative emotions in the body. This also has helped tremendously and I definitely recommend it!

So, with the idea of mindfulness, meditation, and conscious breathing in mind, I’m going to start a multi-piece art series, reminding us to “breathe in, breathe out”.

Stay tuned!

sky photography
Air and Land

4 thoughts on “Mindfulness, Art Series

  1. There’s a great book I’m reading called Mindfulness: 25 ways to Live in the moment through art. I really recommend it. It’s opened my eyes completely! I’ve got some stuff on my blog. Great piece btw 🙂


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