Golden Torre

El torre de oro (Tower of Gold) is a landmark in Seville, as it sits at the city center, overlooking the Guadalquivir River. When my wife and I met in Seville, we would often pack a lunch of bocadillo sandwiches and meet here, sitting carefree along the wall looking out across the river.

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Golden Torre

Boy, that was a different time! Nowadays I wake up to my toddler son waking me up and tugging at my feet, requesting a bottle of milk and asking me to put Dora the Explorer on the TV. Just a couple days ago I thought I came up with a brilliant solution by bringing a bottle up in an ice pack to have it ready for him so that I could keep sleeping. But when he came in, he and my newborn both went #2 at the same time, so instead of sleeping in, I was doing a double diaper change! Ha! That’s just my life right now. 😉


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