The Zorro Cardinal – Original Painting

It’s been a few months, at least, since I made an original painting on canvas. Part of what is so special about original art is how unique it is – only one exists, it was made with the creativity, care and consideration of a human being’s own hands, and not a machine. In today’s perverse economic world, so many unnecessary items are mass produced in factories…items that do not generate any human happiness.

My original intention was to paint a beautiful cardinal bird. Then, it occurred to me that it can appear as if cardinal birds are wearing a black mask, like Zorro. I thought that was funny, so that’s what I painted – a red cardinal bird wearing a Zorro-like mask and hat!

This painting was made with acrylic paint on an 8″ x 10″ gallery-wrapped canvas that comes ready to hang. The paint colors used are pyrrole red, phtalo green, burnt sienna, orange, yellow ochre, phtalo blue, alizarin crimson, and white mixed in. All of the sides are also painted and I dated it in black ink on the back. The colors in the painting are luminous and glossy in person, more so than that which can be shown on a computer screen.

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The Zorro Cardinal



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