Forest Friends Mural Painting

This is a mural I actually completed a couple of months ago in my sons room, but haven’t gotten around to posting a completed picture of it yet!

It’s a “forest friends” themed mural, with evergreen trees, mountains, a stream with fish, and several different animals – deer, fox, squirrel, doves, owl, cardinal, a sparrow bird, butterflies, and a boy flying a kite.

Like my Dad did to me, you might ask “Won’t a kite get stuck in the trees?” Well, maybe in real life! But this is a childhood world of imagination, fun and freedom, where kites don’t get stuck in trees. Or if they do, you just climb up the tree and untangle it!

This mural has been challenging to photograph in a way that reflects its true colors and shading, what with the way light comes into the room, but I’ve tried to Photoshop this the best I could:

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Forest Friends Mural



Published by Artist Dave White

Dave White is an Artist in Loudoun County, Virginia, who creates paintings inspired by his travels in Virginia, Latin America and Spain, for decorating your home with art of these places and cultures. View art for sale at

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