God Sees You

A few days ago I was browsing through the news on Reuters.com and saw a video of a young boy in Syria who was pulled out of rubble from a bombing and placed into an ambulance. He looked in shock and had a wound to his left eye that I don’t think he was aware of until he touched it and saw the blood on his hand. His size and appearance resembled my own son so much, especially with his shaggy, floppy hair, and that really touched me. It’s so easy to live as if we are separate from the horrors of the world, but it ignores the truth that everything and everyone is interconnected. I’m not saying it is preferable to get bogged down in those horrors, either, but rather, to live in the joyous world of the spirit, with awareness of our interbeing. I made a painting of him and wrote lines from different Baha’i children’s prayers:

syria, art, painting, war
O God

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