Follow Your Heart to the Coffee!

Coffee is just delicious. Not necessarily delicious in the way of a nice homemade cake, or a Thanksgiving dinner, but more of a psychologically delicious. Consider the different psychological possibilities of coffee…

  • Makes you feel like a sophisticated, worldly, relaxed adult enjoying the day

This is why you have products like N’Espresso and Keurig (I personally prefer N’Espresso). This is why you have Starbucks, Peet’s, and other cute, cuddly coffee shops that hang up photos of coffee farmers around the world and create an “intimate” environment.

  • Gets you going in the morning, no matter how it tastes

My wife and I call this railroader coffee. Because my Dad worked on the railroad for about 40 years, and when he was younger, one of the older guys used to give him super strong coffee and snarl at him “here kid, try this”. You could also refer to this as gas station coffee…the cheap kind you pick up at the gas station on your way to work. Lately, my wife and I have been buying super cheap ground coffee from Wegman’s, just for the purpose of getting us going in the morning. In the past few years, we’ve gone from N’Espresso (before kids) to organic whole bean coffee (1 kid) to cheap Wegman’s coffee (2 kids). Yes, the budget has been tightened. I hope to get back to N’Espresso again.

  • It can make arriving to the office somewhat bearable, or gives a good excuse to take a break during the workday

There is something about walking around with a cup of coffee in your hand that makes walking back to your cubicle more joyous. I have a Chick-fil-A coupon for a free coffee during the month of September, and I’m going to use it today, and come walking back to work a little happier.

Is coffee necessary to drink in order to have energy, or to feel good?

Not at all. It’s psychological! We just need more sleep. After a few months of drinking cheap Wegman’s coffee, I noticed it was affecting my digestion. So I stopped, and I’ve only been drinking nice herbal teas for a few weeks, with a very improved digestive system as a result. I still have the same amount of energy as before! But…I still am enjoying about 1 cup a week, usually during a peaceful moment on a weekend afternoon!

Anyways, this is a bunch of blabbering just to show a coffee art piece I made. I call it “Follow Your Heart to the Coffee“. Prints will be available soon!



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