Family Oil Portrait Painting of 4

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Oil Portrait Progress

This is the beginning (or, more like the middle) of the 2nd of 2 portraits painting for a former co-worker of mine. First, I drew it out in pencil, and now I’m applying the oil paint. This is on a 16″ x 20″ Belgian linen canvas. On a similar but different note, after watching the documentary The True Cost, about the damaging effect of the global clothing industry, I was reading that linen is created from the flax plant, which does not require much use of pesticide to grow, if any. That is contrary to conventional cotton (used on cotton canvases), which uses an enormous amount of pesticide, damaging human health and the health of the soil. I’ve found organic cotton canvas available to purchase, but haven’t found it available already stretched out over stretcher bars. So linen, at least for now, seems a preferable choice to me, besides the fact that it’s a superior surface to paint on anyways!

You can contact me at to inquire about a portrait painting or any other painting.


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