A Web of Interbeing

Everything is connected. We’ve all heard that phrase. It’s easy to forget in our age of materialism, but when you really reflect on it, it’s true!

The other day, I was thinking through everything that was involved in me delivering portrait paintings over the past few weeks. It’s easy to think that it was just me that did it – I bought the supplies and painted the portrait. But that is only a small part of a larger truth.

Someone had to have the creativity and generosity to conceptualize giving art as a gift, and they then had to commission me to create the painting. So I had to buy the supplies – oil paints, brushes, linen canvases. Someone had to process my payment at the art supplies company. The supplies had to be packaged and transported to my house. Prior to this, craftsmen, or craftswomen, had to attach the linen canvas around the stretcher bars, produce a paint brush, and bottle the oil paints. But before that, the flax plant had to be planted, grown, harvested, and woven into a canvas. The safflower plant was planted and grew to produce the safflower oil used in the paint. Earth minerals were used to produce the beautiful pigments in the paints. Trees had to grow, to make wood for the stretcher bars. The sun, soil, and rain danced in unison to do this.

This intricate, complex, beautiful web of interbeing really connects everything, and this simple illustration can extend further and further, down to the level of atoms, and as broad as the level of God!



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