Made in the USA Art Series

Humanity has thousands of years of history of making our own products! There is a sense of fulfillment and reward in making something yourself, from a house, to food, to clothing, to arts and crafts. My grandfather made his own house. When I lived in Costa Rica many years ago, there was a community knowledge of how to build homes, and everyone built their own homes with the help of friends, family and neighbors.  You may have a cherished homemade item yourself, that has family history embedded into it!

In the past decades, there has been an increased emphasis on specialization of labor, which has broken up labor into multiple coordinated parts spread around the globe among people who do not have direct relationships with each other, hence a further breakdown of community, and a race to the bottom for wages, with a large increase of wealth at the top.

However, there has also been a movement that is contrary to this, with intentions of environmental harmony, building community, paying fair wages, reducing excessive wealth and poverty, etc. While “Made in the USA” does not guarantee these ideas are being implemented, it does mean that there are at least many labor and environmental protections that do not exist in many other countries of cheap labor.

Given that it is not too common to see “Made in USA”, I’ve started an art series that highlights anything that is Made in the USA.

"made in usa", "made in america"
Made in USA Art Series
"made in usa", "made in america"
Made in USA Art Series
"made in usa", "made in america"
Made in USA Art Series



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