Organic Stretched Canvas for Artists

Green Artist Canvas is now offering both organic linen and organic hemp stretched canvases, in addition to the organic cotton canvases.

"green artist canvas"

Did you know that a vast majority of the world’s global cotton production is made from Monsanto’s genetically engineered cotton, which includes heavy doses of chemicals to cultivate? All of this toxicity ends up in the soil, in the water, in our food supplies, and ultimately, in our bodies, causing the degradation of our health.

That’s why I started Green Artist Canvas, as my small part in supporting sustainable uses of the Earth for something enjoyable, like creating art. Each canvas is made with a choice of organic cotton, organic linen or organic hemp, then stretched over heavy-duty FSC-certified wood stretcher bars with a 1.5″ deep profile depth, and triple-primed with a completely natural and 100% non-toxic gesso, made of marble dust, limestone powder and a plant-based glue.

"green artist canvas", "organic cotton canvas", "eco friendly canvas", "eco friendly art supplies"
Organic Cotton Canvas

These are heavy-duty professional canvases, made with sustainable and natural materials, at an accessible price on top of it all. They hold paints exceptionally well and you can definitely tell the difference from the commercially-produced, mass-manufactured canvases.

"green artist canvas", "organic cotton canvas", "organic artist canvas", "organic stretched canvas", "eco friendly art supplies"
Blanket-Folded Corners
"organic cotton canvas", "eco friendly canvas", "stretched artist canvas"
Canvas Back Stapled

If you have any questions about these canvases, just send an email to!


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