Pumpkin Art Activity for Kids

Painting Ninja Turtles Pumpkins (or whatever else you want!)

A fun activity for kids to do around Halloween time is to paint pumpkins! Carving is also fun but may be a bit advanced for little ones, so painting is another way to decorate them.

An idea we had was to paint the different colors of the ninja turtle bandanas onto the pumpkins. I may have been a bit overconfident that I could do a clean job with my 3 and 1.5 year-olds, but we got the job done (almost).

Painting Ninja Turtle Pumpkins

We used acrylic paint with disposable palette paper and a simple brush. After they had painted on the colors, I drew the bandanas on with a dark blue marker (still have to draw them for Donatello and Leonardo).

Ninja Turtle Pumpkin Bandanas

Your job might look a bit more refined depending on your kid’s ages, but the possibilities are endless! You could paint cute animals, witches, ghosts, goblins, pumpkin characters, or anything else you can dream of!


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