New Kids Yoga Art

With the new creations of kid’s yoga art (artwork ideas courtesy of my wife and sons!), I thought the artwork deserving of it’s own stand-alone website. If you like yoga, have kids, or have kids that like yoga, check out Kid’s Yoga Art and follow the blog to receive updates of new art!

With that new website now up, I’m going to revert this website back to fine art commissions, such as oil portraits and murals.

Here are a couple of recent kid’s yoga art paintings, available as art prints on the Kid’s Yoga Art Etsy shop.

One is a Golden Retriever doing downward dog and the other is of a colorful mooing cow doing Cow Pose!

"downward dog art", "dog doing downward dog", "dog doing down dog", "kids yoga art"
Golden Retriever Downward Dog
"cow pose", "cow pose art", "kids yoga art"
Colorful Cow, Cow Pose

Have a great weekend!


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