Cafecito Ink Illustration, Spanglish America

As I was sitting at the kitchen table this morning sipping my dark roast coffee, a spark of creativity came over me and I drew this illustration. Somehow, I came up with this with two little boys in the room mini-fighting over their toys! Such is my usual morning coffee routine haha…my wife and I dream of the day when we can sit in peace. Though older parents tell us we’ll miss this!

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Cafecito Ink Illustration

This illustration is a part of my Spanglish America collection in a new Etsy shop I recently opened, which combines Spanish and English language artwork and Latino cultural designs.

The inspiration for Spanglish America? My family! I’m more of an old-school American whose family has been here since before the U.S. was a country, while my wife is a multi-cultural combination of various Latin American countries and a 1st-generation Latina. However, I speak fluent Spanish and have lived and traveled in Latin America and Spain. So, our two boys are mixed-race and mixed-culture! Such is the evolution of America. ; )


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