Cactus Painting

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Recently I was commissioned by some friends of ours to do a cactus painting. They live in Southern California (having previously lived in New York City) and have really gotten into cacti. They wanted a large canvas painting and the creativity was left up to me for this one.

After mentally cycling through several ideas, I decided upon painting two cacti in a pot, with a flower growing out of the top of one of them. This, I thought, would symbolize them as a couple growing together.

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Cactus Flower Painting

Art prints of this cactus painting are available here.

The painting is done with acrylic, gouache and watercolor paints!

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4 thoughts on “Cactus Painting

  1. There is life, growth and beauty in this painting. What a lovely gift for your friends! Thanks for sharing! I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is a lighthearted one about cacti in case you have time to look? Have a sunny day, Sam 🙂

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