Funny Food Art

Artistic Food for Thought

As an Artist that enjoys cooking and a eating a variety of foods, I can’t help but to sometimes see certain foods and think of creative ideas for paintings.

For example…

Have you ever noticed how bell peppers kind of resemble the shape of teeth?

"funny food art", "food humor art", "peppers painting"
Smile of Peppers

Or how the crown of a pineapple could also be some cartoon-looking dude’s hair? Or how a banana could be a smile? Or how apples could be the eyes on said pineapple dude?

"pineapple art print", "pineapple painting", "funny food art", "food humor art"
Smiling Pineapple

Or how limes could hang out at a coconut pool with a banana slide and a lemon for a sun?

"funny food art", "coconut painting", "limes painting", "banana painting", "food humor art"
Limes Going for a Coconut Swim Down a Banana Slide

I don’t know how these ideas come to me…maybe it’s having super imaginative little tots around me all the time!


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