Malgudi Days Mural Paintings at Malgudi Veg in Ashburn

Malgudi Days Murals

Just a few weeks ago, I completed two mural paintings at the new Malgudi Veg restaurant in Ashburn, VA! Malgudi Veg is an Indian vegetarian restaurant, that has absolutely delicious food, and at affordable prices!

The murals are based on illustrations from the famous 1980’s Indian television series Malgudi Days, by R.K. Narayan. The owner of Malgudi Veg provided me with numerous photos of illustrations from the TV show, which we put together to form scenes for the murals, each of which measures approximately 18 feet long.

Sketching out the Murals

Each mural was first sketched out with a few simple tools – a pencil, straight edge ruler, calculator, eraser, and ladder. In these pictures, I’m actually going over my initial pencil lines with black paint markers.

Artist Dave White sketching Malgudi Days mural at Malgudi Veg in Ashburn

Sketching out Malgudi Days mural at Malgudi Veg restaurant in Ashburn

Painted Murals

After drawing all of the black lines with a paint marker, I then used acrylic paint to fill in the rest with brushwork.

Here are photos of the finished murals:

1st Mural Near Entrance:

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Malgudi Veg Mural – Ashburn, VA

Close-Ups of 1st Mural:

2nd Mural by Buffet Tables:

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Malgudi Days Mural at Malgudi Veg Restaurant in Ashburn, Virginia

Close-Ups of 2nd Mural:

and lastly, a photo of the mural by the entrance during dinner hours after the grand opening (with my 2 boys in the foreground)!

Malgudi Veg Ashburn, malgudi days mural ashburn

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