City Skyline Art – Chicago

Chicago Skyline Art

In the past few weeks, I’ve started a new series of paintings with the themes of city skylines and transportation maps. As a kid, I was always fascinated by downtown skylines, and remember how big of a city even Indianapolis seemed to me when I first saw the downtown.

Even though I’d rather live in the country now than a city (more room to roam, better access to nature, way less electromagnetic frequencies, etc.), I still find downtown skylines very appealing to look at.

The first city I painted was Chicago:

Framed Chicago Skyline Painting
Framed Chicago Skyline Painting

Each city skyline painting will have a black paint outline of the downtown buildings. This Chicago skyscape features a view of downtown as seen from Lake Michigan! The painting with blue oil paint is the original.

It’s also available as an art print on matte paper or a birch wood panel, as well as on an organic cotton t-shirt, a mug, and a wall clock:

Chicago Skyline Art Print
Chicago Skyline Art Print
Chicago Skyline Wood Art Print
Chicago Skyline Art Print on Birch Wood Panel
Chicago Skyline Shirt Organic Cotton
Chicago Skyline Organic Cotton Shirt – Black or White
Chicago Skyline Mug
Chicago Skyline Coffee Mug
Chicago Skyline Clock
Chicago Skyline Wall Clock

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