Black and White Coffee Art

original coffee art black white

New Coffee Art

As an avid drinker of coffee, I suppose it makes sense that I also enjoy drawing and painting coffee images. Recently I’ve made it a goal to add to my coffee art collection available here.

Here are a couple recent ones:

Chemex Coffee Art
Chemex Coffee Art Original
original coffee art black white
Geometric Black and White Coffee Art

The funny thing is that I never drank coffee until my late 20’s, and even then, I didn’t drink very much. Not until I started having kids did I really get into the habit. Looking back, it’s hard to believe I lived right in the middle of a coffee growing region as a young adult (as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica) and barely ever drink it! If I had wanted to, I could have easily walked down the dirt roads to my friend’s garden, picked coffee cherries and processed/roasted them myself! Eh, oh well.

I remember one of the first cups of GREAT coffee I had was at a little store that used to be in Alexandria, VA, called “Grape and Bean”. It was a real-deal light-roast coffee with all of the fruity, flowery, aromatic flavors. Not the dark, burned, smoky, ashy stuff that my parents always drank (and still do), which I refer to as “railroad coffee”, since my Dad worked for the railroad. The Folgers type of stuff. I know some people like that, so my apologies if that’s you!

Stay tuned for more coffee art.

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