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Mmm Cafecito Rrrico Coffee Mug

There is nothing like a well made batch of coffee!

“Cafecito Rico” means “delicious coffee” in Spanish. Adding a couple of r’s onto the beginning of rico adds an extra emphasis.

My wife and I both love to drink a good cafecito rico. She is Hispanic American and I also speak Spanish fluently, having worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica back in the day. Every now and then when drinking a good coffee, we let out a good “mmm cafecito rrrico”.

Last year, we were watching an episode of the Netflix series “Bolívar” (which I highly recommend), and a young Simón Bolívar was giving a heartfelt speech to his farm workers, about his big plans to start a coffee estate in Venezuela. He sipped a cup of fresh coffee and proclaimed “mmm cafecito rrrico”! We said “hey, that’s what we say!”.

And that is the inspiration for this coffee mug design!

Spanish Coffee Mug 15oz

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