Tropical Beach Sunset Painting Brought Back to Life

A few weeks back I was going through some boxes of childhood stuff.

My parents, who had hung onto these boxes for years, decided to dump them onto me as they were clearing out their space. So I then hung onto them and am still trying to sort through to decide what to do with it all, but am intent on not letting too much time pass before I clear what needs clearing and organize what I decide to keep. If you cannot relate to this…I don’t know what to tell you.

Well, I pulled out several paintings from my youth, including this one, which I believe I painted when I was around 13 years old!

I must have been dreaming of laying on a beach somewhere on a South Pacific island! Come to think of it…I still dream of that.

Because this painting was on a cheap piece of paper and showing its age, I scanned it and gave it a fresh renovation in Adobe Photoshop.

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