Ibrik Coffee Art

The other day I purchased an “ibrik” for brewing Turkish coffee. I’ve seen it in stores a few times before and was always intrigued by the beauty of it, and decided to buy one.

What is an Ibrik? Ibrik is the Turkish word for “pitcher”, but perhaps the more proper word for this is “cezve”. This device has been used for centuries to brew what is known as the Turkish style of coffee.

Here is a photo of a recent brew I made:

Ibrik coffee brew

To brew Turkish coffee requires a very fine ground coffee. In fact, the instructions that came with this say to grind it as “fine as dust”. I also bought a manual stainless steel coffee grinder to go with this, which allows for the grind to be adjusted between coarse and fine. It takes a lot of elbow grease to grind the coffee, but making things by hand is the sort of thing that floats my boat!

So what you do is bring the water to a low boil, mix in the finely ground coffee, wait for the foam to reach the top edge, remove it from the heat for 30 seconds, then place back on the heat until the foam boils up again, then remove again and let the fine grinds settle to the bottom. Voila! Then pour yourself a aromatic cup of strong black Turkish coffee, and add cream/spices/sugar to your liking (I like it black).

After I brewed the coffee in the photo above, I thought I’d take a cool photo of myself with it. Then my cute 1 year old daughter came over to me to climb up on my lap, so I thought “OK, we’ll take the photo together”.

Yeah, that was a bit ambitious. My wiggly worm started wiggling in my lap and I spilled coffee all over my pants. Oops! So I took a picture of us without the coffee.

Lastly, I created this new painting of a copper Ibrik! Available for purchase here – https://davewhiteartist.com/product/ibrik-coffee-art-print

Copper Ibrik Painting Art Print

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