Happy 2021! At Peace with the Unknown and Reconnecting with Your Inner Voice

Seagull Beach Painting

Like the beautiful ocean, there is a vast unknown in the world.

2020 saw much of humanity retreat into homogenous patterned responses, with authority figures certain that they have a play-book answer to every problem.

I hope we can be more open to the unknown, to not having all of the the answers.

As a Sagittarius Ascendant with Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune in my first house (I’ve studied a lot of astrology the past couple years), this is hard for me to do, as these traits include deep, ahead-of-the-times thinking. But I need to slow down and be at peace in the present.

In 2021, I want to listen more to my inner voice, to creativity, to spirit, to a higher purpose, and connect more with the incredible diversity of life on Earth!

Happy New Year!

Published by Artist Dave White

Dave White is an Artist in Loudoun County, Virginia, who creates paintings inspired by his travels in Virginia, Latin America and Spain, for decorating your home with art of these places and cultures. View art for sale at artistdavewhite.etsy.com

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