Flying Kites

kite photo

Last year my kids received kites as a gift and they were super excited to go fly them. One weekend when the weather was right, I took about an hour to untangle all of the lines (it was worth the effort), and we took them out to a nearby open field.

This was the first time I’d flown a kite since I was a kid, that I can remember!

We held the handles, let loose some slack on the line, and the wind whipped the kites right up into the air. This was so fun. The boys took off running and laughing, with their kites flying high behind them.

To be fair, there was a decent amount of to-be-expected little kid tantrums / impatience / frustration tolerance at first, while getting the hang of it. But, it was still really fun, and beautiful to see the diverse colors of the kites flying high in the sky. I’m looking forward to doing it again this year.

Here is a painting of a photo I took of one of the kites flying in the air:

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