Pour Over Coffee Painting

The pour over is an excellent way of making coffee for those that like to do things by hand (such as yours truly), given the process of pouring the water at just the right speed over the coffee grinds! I make myself one of these just about every single morning.

I’ve read that a glass vessel is great for heat-retention, compared to a ceramic one. I can attest that a ceramic one does cool off faster, since I have one, but in most cases it’s not enough that I even notice. If you were to buy one, I’d probably recommend glass first, ceramic second, and plastic last (can the heat cause chemicals in the plastic to leach out? I don’t know for sure, but probably).

Anyways, I recently finished this pour-over coffee painting. It’s of a pour-over display that I saw at a coffee shop. The gold-colored vessel stood out to me, as did the reflections on the stainless steel mug. I took some artistic liberty with the mug and didn’t paint in a realistic fashion, but rather wanted to capture the cool color palette and shapes from the reflections.

Pour Over Coffee Painting Black Wood Frame

Published by Artist Dave White

I'm an Artist in Ashburn, Virginia. You can find my artwork at officeartguy.com, davewhiteartist.com, sunraeyoga.etsy.com and globalheartgifts.etsy.com.

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