Rehoboth Beach Delaware Painting

When my family moved to a new neighborhood in Indiana when I was 12, there was another family who moved in close to our house, and they were from New York. During my teenage years, I became friends with their son who was the same age as me, and every year they would go vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. In my mind, it seemed like such a far off place to me, all the way on the east coast. And I wondered – “why would someone go vacation on a beach in the mid Atlantic?”. I was accustomed to visiting my family on the gulf coast of Florida.

Many years later, I found myself living in the mid Atlantic and going to Rehoboth Beach! I love Delaware beaches, as well as the experience of driving across the Delmarva peninsula to reach them.

This painting is of a sunny day at Rehoboth Beach, full of sun, sand, water and relaxation!

Rehoboth Beach Painting Off White Wood Frame

Published by Artist Dave White

Located in Northern Virginia, I create custom murals, paintings on canvas, and drawings for customers both locally and around the country! Contact me at

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