Painting of my boys playing in water

This is a painting that I recently finished, of my two sons playing in a forest stream on the first day of spring this year. My daughter was there too, but she was being held in my arms while I took the photo! I’ll be starting on a portrait drawing of her soon, which I’ll share here when finished.

Isn’t it interesting how we are attracted to water? The kids were naturally drawn to go play in the stream. This painting got me to thinking about water, so I’ll share a few of my musings:

I heard Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan discuss on a podcast how water is three times more important to survival than food, as one can survive on only water three times longer than one can survive without food (except for breatharians, which is a mysterious deep dive topic that I haven’t yet looked into)!

I’ve also heard that if you place a sacred geometric design next to a glass of water, it structures the water. Someone told me that they tested this by putting a plant cutting in a jar of structured water and another in a jar of unstructured water, and the plant in the structured water jar stayed perky and healthier for a much longer period of time.

Lastly, one of my favorite songs recently is about water. It’s by Caribefunk, one of my favorite bands from Colombia.

Of course it all rhymes in Spanish, but here are the lyrics in English:

The day got dark when the sky shouted,
The birds were frightened, a raindrop fell from the sky,
The women with their umbrellas, dancing to the son (an afro-Cuban dance) of the rain,
And a drum of serenade, from the silence, a social gathering

If the sky cries, I dance in its tears,
Gray days also have their charm
if the storm forms a celebration
and a rainbow gifts me melodies


Rainstorm in May,
Rain of my April,
100 children playing,
in my Caribbean everyone is happy

Rainstorm, let me flow (i.e. let the water run freely),
Hope that you shelter me like you did yesterday

Rainstorm, hopefully it rains coffee in the countryside (ode to a classic song by Juan Luis Guerra),
Rainstorm, gray days also have their charm,
Rainstorm, and may it rain upwards from my moon,
Rainstorm, my Caribefunk brought you happiness,

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