Fireflies in a Jar Painting

Did you ever catch fireflies as a kid? How about as an adult?

I remember seeing these beautiful bioluminescent beetles on summer evenings as a kid. A couple years ago, while reading about massive declines of insect species, it dawned on me that I hadn’t seen fireflies in a very long time, and that my kids still hadn’t seen them (my boys were only 5 and 4 at the time).

So I went out with my own kids, and my brother, on a summer night to find fireflies along the edge of a forest. We looked around and didn’t see any. Then as it got darker, we saw a few lights. Before long, the whole edge of the forest was floating in fireflies. Ah, yes, there they were, still there, as magical as ever!

fireflies in a jar painting, firefly art print

Published by Artist Dave White

Dave White is an Artist in Loudoun County, Virginia, who creates paintings inspired by his travels in Virginia, Latin America and Spain, for decorating your home with art of these places and cultures. View art for sale at

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