Ronda Spain Bridge Watercolor Painting

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In my last blog post, I wrote about how I’m working on a painting of a wild horse at the seashore, at Assateague Island, Maryland. Since then, I’ve taken a detour and completed a different painting. Sometimes I’ll do that…start on one painting, leave it for a bit while I do another painting, and then come back to it again.

Also, sometimes I’ll take a photo of a place and intend to paint it, but not get to it until years later. I took that a bit to the extreme here, as this painting is from a photo that I took eighteen years ago, in 2004! I just happened to be going through some old photos and found this one. I checked photos online of the Ronda bridge (also known as Puente Nuevo) and it still looks the same as it did back then. Heck, it probably looks the same as it did 200 years ago.

This is a watercolor painting of the famous bridge in Ronda, Spain:

ronda spain watercolor, ronda bridge painting, ronda spain art
A watercolor painting of the bridge in Ronda, Spain.

It really is incredible to see in person. It’s like the bridge just blends right into the rock. In fact, according to this article, it was built from the very rock that surrounds it, in the late 1700’s!

Prints of this Ronda bridge painting are available to buy here.

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