Plant the Seeds of Change in Your Heart Art Print, Inspired by a Cucumber

This painting inspiration came to me a couple of days ago, while slicing a cucumber for lunch and observing the varied patterns of the seeds inside, depending on which angle the cucumber was sliced. Then I thought “plant the seeds of change in your heart”, and created this artwork.

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Prints of this seed art are available here.

Speaking of seeds, since 2013, we’ve been enjoying the abundance of food that we get from a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group that we are a member of (Moutoux Orchard in Purcellville, for anybody that is in Loudoun County). I’ve really been noticing how one individual fruit or vegetable contains an enormous amount of seeds inside. There is so much abundance to be found inside, to keep reproducing itself over and over.

That was also part of the inspiration for the Give and Receive art that I wrote about a few days ago.

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Circles of Giving and Receiving Art Print

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