Washington DC Map Art

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Since I’ve been a child, I’ve been fascinated with maps. I used to love spending time absorbed in a big Rand McNally atlas!

So I’m happy to have recently begun learning how to create digital map art. Figuring that I’ll start with maps in my local area, I created this DC Map Art in 3 color palettes:

  1. Washington Commanders Colors

People around here are crazy about the Washington Football team. I am not even a football fan and haven’t watched it in over ten years! But, I created this color palette knowing that others would dig that it has the colors of their beloved football team.

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Washington DC Map Art – Commanders Colors

2. Cherry Blossoms Color Palette

Washington is famous for its cherry blossom trees around the tidal basin, so I wanted to create a map print in a color palette of this beautiful flower. What is nice about being a DMV resident is that there are cherry blossom trees planted all over the region, so you don’t have to travel to DC with the heavy tourism traffic to appreciate them!

washington dc map art, dc map art
Washington DC Map Art Print – Cherry Blossom Color Palette

3. Blue and Green color palette

No particular reason for this one, other than that I like blue and green!

Washington DC Map Art Print, Washington DC Map Poster, DC Map Art
Washington DC Map Art Print – Blue and Green Color Palette

Poster size prints (11×17) of these Washington DC Map Art Prints are available here.

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