Quito, Ecuador Map Art Print

Quito Ecuador Map Art Prints

I didn’t get very far with local maps of the DMV area before venturing out to other continents. Quito, being the most recent place that I’ve traveled abroad to (in 2019), came to mind as a place to create map art of.

This Quito Map Art is available in 3 color palette options:

  1. Red and Yellow
quito ecuador map art, quito map poster
Quito Ecuador Map Art – Red and Yellow

2. Indigo and Yellow

quito map art, quito ecuador map poster
Quito Ecuador Map Art – Indigo

3. Teal and Yellow

quito map artwork, quito ecuador map print
Quito Ecuador Map Art – Teal and Yellow

There is an incredible amount of detail in these map prints that aren’t easy to see in the above photos, but can seen better in this portion of an enlarged photo:

Detail View of Quito Map Art

On the detail in the photo above, you can see where it says “El Panecillo”, which is a large hill that rises up in the city. There is a beautiful “Virgin of Quito” statue there (also called La Virgen de El Panecillo). When we stayed in Quito in 2019, it was in the Centro Histórico, an UNESCO World Heritage site, and you could see the statue from the hotel!

La Virgen de El Panecillo Quito Ecuador
La Virgen de El Panecillo

The view of Quito from where the statue is located is spectacular:

quito photo, quito el panecillo
Quito Ecuador City View from El Panecillo

Prints of this Quito Ecuador Map Art are available here!

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